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The ultimate video lesson for Google Website Optimizer

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How to praise children and other lessons from NurtureShock. The ultimate video lesson

NurtureShock is a compelling collection of several modern scientific research results into a set of articles on the raising of children. Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

A large collection of Easter egg decorating videos Read more »

A reminder to think of safety

Fatigue is a big contributor to accidents. More shop accidents occur between 2pm and 4pm after lunch. Read more »

Scavenger Hack: Demonstrate center of mass with forks and toothpicks

This is a fun bar trick. You can balance two forks and a toothpick on the tip of another toothpick. Read more »

How to tie the Ian shoelace knot and build a better mousetrap

Is it possible to invent another way to tie your shoes? A faster quicker way? Well Ian has done it Read more »

April Fools day pranks the ultimate guide

Laugh with someone, not at them. I don’t believe in malicious pranks. So with that in mind, let’s have some fun. Read more »

How to spin a pen. Pen Spinning the ultimate video lesson

This is a skill that develops with practice. Some of these videos hint that basic spinning is possible after Read more »

How to properly pour a beer. Ultimate video lesson.

How to pour beer the right way. Read more »

Learn to ride a bike in record time the easy way. The ultimate video lesson

A big factor in learning to ride a bike is fear. The most important skill in riding a bike is balance. This method eliminates the fear and builds the balance skill. Read more »