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How to recover Windows and Microsoft Office Product Keys

The following are three tools to use to examine your hard drive and search for Microsoft Windows and Office product keys that will make re-installation simpler and cheaper Read more »

How to embed SVG in a webpage so even Internet Explorer can view it

All major web browsers support displaying SVG to some extent, except Interet Explorer (IE). The svgweb project comes to the rescue. Read more »

How to find files on Windows 7 with the advanced search

Windows 7 no longer has the easy search wizard I am used to Read more »

Stop Picasa from rescanning photos every time and fix duplicate links to directories

this is how I got Picasa to stop scanning and discovering some of the same photos most every time I start it. Plus I got rid of duplicate entries for the same directories. And Picasa isn’t compacting the database as often when I quit. Read more »

This bookmarklet will tell us whois the current owner of any website

A bookmarklet is a bookmark that contains a JavaScript program instead of a URL. The JavaScript code has access to the current page, and can operate on it, change it, or direct to a new page based on it. Read more »

How do you know which computer or CPU is going to be faster?

Is an Intel i3 better than an i5, or is it the i7? Is an Atom N280 faster than an Atom N550? While we are at it, is an Read more »

How to edit, merge, and delete pages in pdf documents for free

There are many free pdf editing programs out there in different stages of usefulness. Perhaps a recommendation from my experience will be helpful. Read more »

How to view tiff files on Windows for free

Irfanview is quite the capable little program. You can view tiff files along with jpeg, gif, png, and most of the other image formats. Read more »