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How can I play two youtube videos side by side?

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How to look up a US Patent for free

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How to fix the world #3

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How to make sure you don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame

Question: How do I promote my website, blog, or myself?
Answer: Interact with the audience you already have. Read more »

How to create an online survey or questionnaire

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How to fix your internet connection when you think you are connected, but you can’t get anywhere

One of the most common internet connection errors is a broken DNS. Read more »

What do you do if your linux server gets hacked?

So my linux server got hacked. The symptom was reports from my virtual private server hosting company that I was using more than 20% of my cpu. Read more »

How to edit, merge, and add sound to your youtube videos

If you have youtube videos uploaded, you can edit them. You can cut out your important clips. You can merge clips together. You can add soundtracks with google provided free tracks. Read more »

How do you check if an online name is available?

How do you verify with one click that the online name you want is available on all those online services at once? Read more »

What happens to all your online files and identity when you die?

The British Coupling has one answer. You need a porn buddy 🙂 And Entrustet makes it easy to pass all of your info into the right hands Read more »