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How to spy on the spies

Some of the most expensive and secretive spy activity takes place in broad daylight. Read more »

Secret #2 to Facebook fan page design

Secret #1 got us the biggest profile picture that Facebook will allow. But the thumbnail that Facebook creates from my profile picture didn’t look that great. Read more »

Secret #1 to Facebook fan page design

You don’t have to squeeze your Facebook profile picture into a little box. You have more room than that! Read more »

How to view tiff files on Windows for free

Irfanview is quite the capable little program. You can view tiff files along with jpeg, gif, png, and most of the other image formats. Read more »

Can I use US Patent drawings for my own purposes?

Question: Are US Patent images protected by copyright? Answer: Read more »

A fun thing to do with disposable cameras

You can do things with a disposable camera that you wouldn’t dream of doing with your digital camera. Read more »

How do I find a photo of the front of a business on the Internet?

Question: Does anyone have a photo of the front of Tyson’s Tavern? Answer: I don’t, but I can find one on the Internet. I made two videos showing how I found an image of Tyson’s Tavern with Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s maps.
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