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The ultimate video lesson for Google Website Optimizer

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How to promote your music – Derek Sivers shares his secrets

My favorite times in life have often started with a “see what happens” spirit. -Derek Sivers
This free ebook has advice useful for anyone who wants to promote a cause. Read more »

How do you make money in a world without copyright?

Someone at ask.metafilter.com is wondering about a world without copyright. My answer was that Read more »

How much purchasing power has the dollar lost over time?

We have heard of inflation, but what is its effect? A dollar doesn’t buy what it used to. But what does that mean? I bought a house in 1988 for $97,000. If I had to buy it today with a weaker dollar, how much would it cost?
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How to boost the economy, revitalize cities, and help the disadvantaged; How to fix the world #12

Are there licensing requirements that are designed to protect incumbent businesses at the expense of the upstart? Read more »

Don’t go hungry. How to afford food when times are tight

In the United States, a family of four can eat for about a week at a cost of $35. There is no application process. Anyone can participate. Bill Gates can shop here if he wishes. Read more »

How to keep the TSA or baggage handlers from stealing your valuables

Commercial air travel security rules are at odds with your personal goals to secure your person and property. The TSA officers can’t be trusted to respect your valuables. Read more »

How to see arbitrage happen in slow motion

The free market concept makes predictions. One prediction, is that excess profits are a signal for competitors to enter the market. Read more »

How to fix the world #4

Gambling is high while savings rates are low. The solution is easy and painless Read more »

How to become an affiliate marketer in 5 minutes. Set it and forget it.

Since most reputable companies have affiliate plans, you can now forget that you are an affiliate. Spend your efforts on making good and valuable content for your readers. Read more »