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Two secrets to happiness

To be happy, you must keep two parts of you happy. There is the immediate experience, and there is the remembered self. Read more »

31 secrets. How to live a happy life with no regrets

1. Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
2. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behavior. Read more »

How do we know the earth is rotating, and it is not the stars moving around the earth

How can you tell that the earth is rotating about an axis, and that the stars aren’t instead just moving around the earth? Read more »

This way to lower your blood pressure is so easy it will make you smile

You can lower your blood pressure, and as a bonus, the medicine is a key to Read more »

How to help yourself; How to fix the world #10

Having value, and selling value aren’t the same thing. Read more »

How can I quickly listen to sound masking but pleasant white noise?

White noise can aid concentration. It can help you meditate. It can aid sleep. White noise can mask the sounds out in the world which are intruding on your thoughts. Read more »

How to praise children and other lessons from NurtureShock. The ultimate video lesson

NurtureShock is a compelling collection of several modern scientific research results into a set of articles on the raising of children. Read more »

How to do the impromptu pepperoni pizza prank

Cooper says “Don’t you hate it when you eat really hot pizza” Read more »

What happens to a blind person that doesn’t know she is blind?

A belief in limits is a limiting belief. Read more »

How to get kids to behave, focus, excel at school, and enjoy it all; How to fix the world #5

It is a Utopian idea. Change how kids play, and they do better in most measurements of Read more »