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The secret to perfection

Perfection is like an iceberg. You only see 11% of the ice, 89% is below the surface. Read more »

How do you keep watch that your website is up and serving pages?

I must admit, my website does not have the uptime I would be happy with. Sometimes my hosting provider has a problem, and when you try and visit my website, you get site not found errors. Read more »

How can you get a free SSL certificate?

If you have a webserver, and want to use https, you will need the SSL certificate that includes you in the hierarchy of trust. Read more »

How to make sure you don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame

Question: How do I promote my website, blog, or myself?
Answer: Interact with the audience you already have. Read more »

How to create an online survey or questionnaire

You have seen online surveys, but creating one always seemed like a mystery. It is possible to create a survey Read more »

A fun thing to do with disposable cameras

You can do things with a disposable camera that you wouldn’t dream of doing with your digital camera. Read more »

How to fix your internet connection when you think you are connected, but you can’t get anywhere

One of the most common internet connection errors is a broken DNS. Read more »

What do you do if your linux server gets hacked?

So my linux server got hacked. The symptom was reports from my virtual private server hosting company that I was using more than 20% of my cpu. Read more »

How do you check if an online name is available?

How do you verify with one click that the online name you want is available on all those online services at once? Read more »

How to become an affiliate marketer in 5 minutes. Set it and forget it.

Since most reputable companies have affiliate plans, you can now forget that you are an affiliate. Spend your efforts on making good and valuable content for your readers. Read more »