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This bookmarklet will tell us whois the current owner of any website

A bookmarklet is a bookmark that contains a JavaScript program instead of a URL. The JavaScript code has access to the current page, and can operate on it, change it, or direct to a new page based on it. Read more »

How to edit any webpage on the web

so that means you have the ultimate say (technically anyway) on what it actually says. If it is told to say “no”, and you know how, you can have your browser say “yes” instead. Read more »

Triple your money and save a child; How to fix the world #11

Do you know what polio is? It is a virus that can cause paralysis in up to 10% of those infected. It is contagious, transmitted through Read more »

Don’t go hungry. How to afford food when times are tight

In the United States, a family of four can eat for about a week at a cost of $35. There is no application process. Anyone can participate. Bill Gates can shop here if he wishes. Read more »

How to help yourself; How to fix the world #10

Having value, and selling value aren’t the same thing. Read more »

How to for free submit prior art that may predate an invention in a patent application

So what else can you do if you know of prior art? There are databases of prior art that make themselves available to patent examiners Read more »

How to keep the TSA or baggage handlers from stealing your valuables

Commercial air travel security rules are at odds with your personal goals to secure your person and property. The TSA officers can’t be trusted to respect your valuables. Read more »

What happens to a blind person that doesn’t know she is blind?

A belief in limits is a limiting belief. Read more »

Uncover the secret right US citizens have to protect their freedom; How to fix the world #7

Learn and spread the knowledge of the secret power United States citizens have that protects freedom against the expanding power of government. Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

A large collection of Easter egg decorating videos Read more »