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How to fix the world

Reason.tv and Drew Carey make a case for fixing a declining city. In this case, they talk about Cleveland, but many cities should learn these lessons. Read more »

A fun thing to do with disposable cameras

You can do things with a disposable camera that you wouldn’t dream of doing with your digital camera. Read more »

Cross a good idea with something unexpected and make something great.

Cross two ideas together to invent a new never before seen idea Read more »

The secret to success

“Well if there was a better way somebody would have thought of it by now.” I mean you might as well go home if that’s the approach. Read more »

How to give ideas value #1

But ideas only go so far. Like good intentions, they only promote change in the world when they are made real. Read more »

Why anecdotal evidence is important

The most important statement a scientist can make is “Huh, that doesn’t make sense. That shouldn’t have happened.” It is a sign post that new understanding and maybe even pushing the frontiers of science lies ahead. Read more »

Take a simple idea to the next level and make something great (A million matches?)

Where do good ideas come from? Read more »

60+ Hot date ideas for a great valentines day

When you need something to do together, and because of a lack of ideas, it is going to be dinner and a movie again, then it is time to mix things up a little. Read more »