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How the pace of innovation is increasing, and what might stop it.

I believe the pace of innovation is accelerating. There are accelerating returns because we invent new tools that create new tools. And most, if not all, innovation is an incremental process that builds on the knowledge and ideas that precede it. So more innovation, means more to build on. That is exponential growth. Read more »

13 ways to fix the world

For 13 straight weeks I have written a post on How to fix the world. This week, I thought I would pause, and list out a table of contents for what I have written so far. Read more »

How to create pretty word clouds that are yours to use for any purpose

A word cloud is a visual representation of information using words as graphics with meaning. The larger the representation of the word, the more significant Read more »

How to for free submit prior art that may predate an invention in a patent application

So what else can you do if you know of prior art? There are databases of prior art that make themselves available to patent examiners Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

A large collection of Easter egg decorating videos Read more »

How to get kids to behave, focus, excel at school, and enjoy it all; How to fix the world #5

It is a Utopian idea. Change how kids play, and they do better in most measurements of Read more »

How to be a Chinese mother

Amy Chua has written an essay at the Wall Street Journal on why Chinese mothers raise such stereotypically successful kids. Read more »

How to give ideas value #2

Where do ideas come from? Ze Frank answers. Read more »

April Fools day pranks the ultimate guide

Laugh with someone, not at them. I don’t believe in malicious pranks. So with that in mind, let’s have some fun. Read more »

How to fix the world #2

Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine Read more »