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The ultimate video lesson for Google Website Optimizer

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How to translate any webpage with one click

But as great as Google Translate is, it requires that little extra effort or advanced planning which only helps for pages you control, so it doesn’t get used as often as it could. With the help of another Javascript bookmarklet, you can create one click translation for any web page you are currently viewing. Read more »

A 1001+ things to do for a boy (or girl)

Boys’ Life magazine, published monthly since 1911, is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America. The magazine continues to this day for subscribers. But even if you are not a subscriber, back issues – EVERY ISSUE -, are available online to everyone through the December 2009 issue. Read more »

Stop Picasa from rescanning photos every time and fix duplicate links to directories

this is how I got Picasa to stop scanning and discovering some of the same photos most every time I start it. Plus I got rid of duplicate entries for the same directories. And Picasa isn’t compacting the database as often when I quit. Read more »

Are all three digit numbers divisible by eleven and other questions

For example one searcher wonders if all three digit numbers are divisible by eleven. The answer is Read more »

How to translate your blog or website into 51 languages in real time

There are two ways of adding translated versions of your blog for your foreign language visitors. Read more »

Can I use US Patent drawings for my own purposes?

Question: Are US Patent images protected by copyright? Answer: Read more »

How to look up a US Patent for free

Why is the best US site not even in the list? I am searching Google.com. Shouldn’t Google tell us that Read more »

How to make sure you don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame

Question: How do I promote my website, blog, or myself?
Answer: Interact with the audience you already have. Read more »