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How to treat and prevent poison ivy

Not everyone has the strong allergic reaction. But some people that were immune develop an allergy after repeated exposure. And there are claims that immunity can be developed Read more »

How to open a Master combination lock without the combo

So if you must open a locked Master combination lock then take an inspiration from MacGyver Read more »

For Friday the 13th, a study in horror

Friday the 13th will occur every year at least once, and at most three times. For any month, if the 1st is a Sunday, then that month holds a Friday the 13th. Read more »

How to see a giant panda for free

Two ways to see a giant panda for free: First, if you live anywhere within reasonable driving distance to Washington DC, then you can see two giant pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian at the National Zoo Read more »

How to keep the TSA or baggage handlers from stealing your valuables

Commercial air travel security rules are at odds with your personal goals to secure your person and property. The TSA officers can’t be trusted to respect your valuables. Read more »

What are the official rules to Punch Buggy Truce?

In my family, the game as evolved. We call our variation Punch Buggy Truce. Read more »

How can I quickly listen to sound masking but pleasant white noise?

White noise can aid concentration. It can help you meditate. It can aid sleep. White noise can mask the sounds out in the world which are intruding on your thoughts. Read more »

How to dance the Beyonce bounce and move your body for a flash workout

Below is a twenty minute video that breaks the choreography down. Read more »

How to do the impromptu pepperoni pizza prank

Cooper says “Don’t you hate it when you eat really hot pizza” Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

A large collection of Easter egg decorating videos Read more »