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This way to lower your blood pressure is so easy it will make you smile

You can lower your blood pressure, and as a bonus, the medicine is a key to Read more »

How to help yourself; How to fix the world #10

Having value, and selling value aren’t the same thing. Read more »

How to for free submit prior art that may predate an invention in a patent application

So what else can you do if you know of prior art? There are databases of prior art that make themselves available to patent examiners Read more »

How to see a giant panda for free

Two ways to see a giant panda for free: First, if you live anywhere within reasonable driving distance to Washington DC, then you can see two giant pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian at the National Zoo Read more »

How can I quickly listen to sound masking but pleasant white noise?

White noise can aid concentration. It can help you meditate. It can aid sleep. White noise can mask the sounds out in the world which are intruding on your thoughts. Read more »

How to edit, merge, and delete pages in pdf documents for free

There are many free pdf editing programs out there in different stages of usefulness. Perhaps a recommendation from my experience will be helpful. Read more »

How to translate your blog or website into 51 languages in real time

There are two ways of adding translated versions of your blog for your foreign language visitors. Read more »

How to view tiff files on Windows for free

Irfanview is quite the capable little program. You can view tiff files along with jpeg, gif, png, and most of the other image formats. Read more »

How do you keep watch that your website is up and serving pages?

I must admit, my website does not have the uptime I would be happy with. Sometimes my hosting provider has a problem, and when you try and visit my website, you get site not found errors. Read more »

Can I use US Patent drawings for my own purposes?

Question: Are US Patent images protected by copyright? Answer: Read more »