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Secret #3 to Facebook fan page design

When you switch and use Facebook as a fan page, you can like and comment on other fan pages. Read more »

Secret #2 to Facebook fan page design

Secret #1 got us the biggest profile picture that Facebook will allow. But the thumbnail that Facebook creates from my profile picture didn’t look that great. Read more »

Secret #1 to Facebook fan page design

You don’t have to squeeze your Facebook profile picture into a little box. You have more room than that! Read more »

How to fix the world #3

If you were absolutely certain that you could change a person’s life, would you Read more »

How do you check if an online name is available?

How do you verify with one click that the online name you want is available on all those online services at once? Read more »

What happens to all your online files and identity when you die?

The British Coupling has one answer. You need a porn buddy 🙂 And Entrustet makes it easy to pass all of your info into the right hands Read more »

I upgraded a WordPress plugin and now it doesn’t work. What do I do?

You click upgrade now, and WordPress does the rest. Well what if the new plugin doesn’t work when the old version you had did? Now what? Read more »

Facebook says “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”

Yesterday I got a notice that my blogs Facebook fan page was changed to a Community Page. Facebook said “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”. So what does this mean, and is it important? Read more »

Facebook is so complicated. I can’t tell if I am making progress or regressing.

Today I have made two changes. I added the Status Updater plugin for Wordpress and I have added the Facebook Comments plugin. Read more »

How can I auto post WordPress blog posts to a Facebook fan page and a Twitter feed?

There are tools that, for every new wordpress blog post, will automatically post to a Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Read more »