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Your questions answered #2

Question: What is one number that’s divisible by everything? and Question: What number is divisible by all 9 numbers 1 to 9? Read more »

How to signal 100 miles without the aid of electricity. What is a heliograph?

The most astonishing of them is the immense distance at which the flash can be seen bright and distinct Read more »

How to find files on Windows 7 with the advanced search

Windows 7 no longer has the easy search wizard I am used to Read more »

How to engineer the boiling temperature of a liquid

This is the example to follow when you want to create a liquid with a new boiling temperature. Read more »

This bookmarklet will tell us whois the current owner of any website

A bookmarklet is a bookmark that contains a JavaScript program instead of a URL. The JavaScript code has access to the current page, and can operate on it, change it, or direct to a new page based on it. Read more »

What is a quick way to add the numbers from 1 to 10, and how does it work?

You can add the integers from 1 to 10 by hand, but what if you need to add from 1 to 1000? The shortcut for adding Read more »

How does the QR Code format encode the data?

QR Codes are two dimensional (2D) graphic images that encode many types of data. Read more »

Are all three digit numbers divisible by eleven and other questions

For example one searcher wonders if all three digit numbers are divisible by eleven. The answer is Read more »

How to see arbitrage happen in slow motion

The free market concept makes predictions. One prediction, is that excess profits are a signal for competitors to enter the market. Read more »

How does an LCD TV monitor work?

Question: How does an LCD television monitor work?
Answer: An LCD color screen is a combination of inventions. You need to use Read more »