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How do you build a simple circuit to control a servo?

This is how I designed a simple circuit that allows you to control a servo and put it through its paces. Read more »

Things To Do With Disposable Camera Flashes

They’re every where, they’re cheap – they can be dangerously “fun”. Things to do with disposable cameras! Read more »

The ultimate Ohm’s law lesson in over 100 videos

You just don’t get it. You have watched the video over and over, and it still doesn’t make sense to you. What if you can watch many different people try to explain the concept? Read more »

What is an inductor?

An inductor is a device that resists a change in current. It does this by Read more »

Paper cups, string, and electrical signals

Have you ever played telephone with two paper cups and a string? Read more »

The secret handshake, fire, and capacitance

There is a bit of a secret handshake. Electronics is a vast field that can appear quite overwhelming. But Ohm’s law is part of the secret, so you’re off to a great start. So how do you know if you are going to start a fire or not? Read more »