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How do you decorate eggs for Easter?

The egg is a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. But there is a style and method of egg decorating that has caught my eye. Read more »

A reminder to think of safety

Fatigue is a big contributor to accidents. More shop accidents occur between 2pm and 4pm after lunch. Read more »

How to look up a US Patent for free

Why is the best US site not even in the list? I am searching Google.com. Shouldn’t Google tell us that Read more »

Learn to ride a bike in record time the easy way. The ultimate video lesson

A big factor in learning to ride a bike is fear. The most important skill in riding a bike is balance. This method eliminates the fear and builds the balance skill. Read more »

How to search for recipes on the internet?

This post is a little sad for me. I have created a recipe search engine on the internet. Read more »

What to do when you feel inadequate?

When you feel inadequate in some way, remind yourself that feelings of inadequacy are shared by most people. Read more »

How to give ideas value #1

But ideas only go so far. Like good intentions, they only promote change in the world when they are made real. Read more »

60+ Hot date ideas for a great valentines day

When you need something to do together, and because of a lack of ideas, it is going to be dinner and a movie again, then it is time to mix things up a little. Read more »