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How many blog posts in a row are too many?

Question: Where have I been? Answer: 148 blog posts in a row are too many. Read more »

A 1001+ things to do for a boy (or girl)

Boys’ Life magazine, published monthly since 1911, is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America. The magazine continues to this day for subscribers. But even if you are not a subscriber, back issues – EVERY ISSUE -, are available online to everyone through the December 2009 issue. Read more »

13 ways to fix the world

For 13 straight weeks I have written a post on How to fix the world. This week, I thought I would pause, and list out a table of contents for what I have written so far. Read more »

Triple your money and save a child; How to fix the world #11

Do you know what polio is? It is a virus that can cause paralysis in up to 10% of those infected. It is contagious, transmitted through Read more »

How to help yourself; How to fix the world #10

Having value, and selling value aren’t the same thing. Read more »

How to open a Master combination lock without the combo

So if you must open a locked Master combination lock then take an inspiration from MacGyver Read more »

How to dance the Beyonce bounce and move your body for a flash workout

Below is a twenty minute video that breaks the choreography down. Read more »

What happens to a blind person that doesn’t know she is blind?

A belief in limits is a limiting belief. Read more »

The secret to perfection

Perfection is like an iceberg. You only see 11% of the ice, 89% is below the surface. Read more »

How to empty an egg with a crazy straw

So you can hard boil eggs for Easter decorating. But if you create a particularly beautiful egg, isn’t it a shame to have to destroy the artwork at some point? Read more »