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How to open a Master combination lock without the combo

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How to save a life; How to fix the world #9

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How to empty an egg with a crazy straw

So you can hard boil eggs for Easter decorating. But if you create a particularly beautiful egg, isn’t it a shame to have to destroy the artwork at some point? Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

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How do you decorate eggs for Easter?

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How to find a lost dog

It is stressful. Your dog has gone missing, and you are worried about her. What you need is a plan of action. Read more »

A reminder to think of safety

Fatigue is a big contributor to accidents. More shop accidents occur between 2pm and 4pm after lunch. Read more »

Scavenger Hack: Demonstrate center of mass with forks and toothpicks

This is a fun bar trick. You can balance two forks and a toothpick on the tip of another toothpick. Read more »

How to look up a US Patent for free

Why is the best US site not even in the list? I am searching Google.com. Shouldn’t Google tell us that Read more »

The many ways to cut an avocado

With similarities, everyone has a slightly different take on how to cut an avocado Read more »