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How to embed SVG in a webpage so even Internet Explorer can view it

All major web browsers support displaying SVG to some extent, except Interet Explorer (IE). The svgweb project comes to the rescue. Read more »

How to share your thoughts on any web page

So when you see something truely remarkable, you want to share just what you see. Now, of course, you can take a screenshot, but there is something better! Read more »

How to edit any webpage on the web

so that means you have the ultimate say (technically anyway) on what it actually says. If it is told to say “no”, and you know how, you can have your browser say “yes” instead. Read more »

Secret #3 to Facebook fan page design

When you switch and use Facebook as a fan page, you can like and comment on other fan pages. Read more »

Secret #2 to Facebook fan page design

Secret #1 got us the biggest profile picture that Facebook will allow. But the thumbnail that Facebook creates from my profile picture didn’t look that great. Read more »

Secret #1 to Facebook fan page design

You don’t have to squeeze your Facebook profile picture into a little box. You have more room than that! Read more »

How do you decorate eggs for Easter?

The egg is a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. But there is a style and method of egg decorating that has caught my eye. Read more »

How do you build a simple circuit to control a servo?

This is how I designed a simple circuit that allows you to control a servo and put it through its paces. Read more »