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How to edit, merge, and delete pages in pdf documents for free

There are many free pdf editing programs out there in different stages of usefulness. Perhaps a recommendation from my experience will be helpful. Read more »

The secret to perfection

Perfection is like an iceberg. You only see 11% of the ice, 89% is below the surface. Read more »

Scavenger Hack: Demonstrate center of mass with forks and toothpicks

This is a fun bar trick. You can balance two forks and a toothpick on the tip of another toothpick. Read more »

Dutch please! How can I translate a Youtube video to another language?

A Facebook friend from Holland can’t understand the english language youtube video I posted. So I created this video Read more »

Paper cups, string, and electrical signals

Have you ever played telephone with two paper cups and a string? Read more »