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How to engineer the boiling temperature of a liquid

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Don’t go hungry. How to afford food when times are tight

In the United States, a family of four can eat for about a week at a cost of $35. There is no application process. Anyone can participate. Bill Gates can shop here if he wishes. Read more »

How to empty an egg with a crazy straw

So you can hard boil eggs for Easter decorating. But if you create a particularly beautiful egg, isn’t it a shame to have to destroy the artwork at some point? Read more »

This is how you can taste Harry Potter’s favorite Treacle Tart

How do you get to taste Harry Potter’s favorite Treacle Tart? You make it yourself! Here is how Read more »

The many ways to cut an avocado

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How to properly pour a beer. Ultimate video lesson.

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How to search for recipes on the internet?

This post is a little sad for me. I have created a recipe search engine on the internet. Read more »

Cross a good idea with something unexpected and make something great.

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