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Press This — like Posterous for your wordpress blog

Like the Posterous bookmarklet, Press This provides a lightning-fast way to grab text, images, or video from any website and post it to your blog Read more »

How many blog posts in a row are too many?

Question: Where have I been? Answer: 148 blog posts in a row are too many. Read more »

How to create pretty word clouds that are yours to use for any purpose

A word cloud is a visual representation of information using words as graphics with meaning. The larger the representation of the word, the more significant Read more »

How to translate your blog or website into 51 languages in real time

There are two ways of adding translated versions of your blog for your foreign language visitors. Read more »

How do you keep watch that your website is up and serving pages?

I must admit, my website does not have the uptime I would be happy with. Sometimes my hosting provider has a problem, and when you try and visit my website, you get site not found errors. Read more »

What WordPress plugin will play mp3s so an iPad can listen?

Answer: Apple doesn’t support flash. Most blog music players need flash to work. So which plugins don’t need flash? Read more »

How to tie the Ian shoelace knot and build a better mousetrap

Is it possible to invent another way to tie your shoes? A faster quicker way? Well Ian has done it Read more »

Can I use US Patent drawings for my own purposes?

Question: Are US Patent images protected by copyright? Answer: Read more »

How to make sure you don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame

Question: How do I promote my website, blog, or myself?
Answer: Interact with the audience you already have. Read more »

How to become an affiliate marketer in 5 minutes. Set it and forget it.

Since most reputable companies have affiliate plans, you can now forget that you are an affiliate. Spend your efforts on making good and valuable content for your readers. Read more »