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Bob Canada's inventive infographic


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The UK television show Doctor Who has been around since 1963. The show continues today with now the tenth actor playing the role of Dr. Who. The above infographic nicely summarizes the major plot twists that were used to retire each Doctor for the next.  

Below is a Doctor Who movie called Dr. Who And The Daleks from the UK in 1965. The BBC doesn’t think it is canon. A Hulu commenter has an elaborate theory that allows this movie to fit with the rest of the series:  

Granted this production has alot of seeming deviations that are unsettling. But I have seen nothing so far I couldn’t rationalize was all a part of the Dr. Who timeline. Let me explain:
-TARDIS malfunction leaves him stranded in the first quarter of the twentiith century.
-Same malfunction affects his memories of being a time lord. He believes he’s human. His personal history knowledge is comprimised yet the Dr. retains his overall technical know-how which is so advanced that to a person of the day he appears to be a cooky inventor. Years of simply stating that he is the doctor and getting the befuddling question, “Dr. Who”; has compeled him to adopt that actual moniker.
-While working slowly down through the decades to repair the TARDIS, the Doctor marries and has child(ren) who grow up and have child(ren) of their own until the Doctor becomes widowed.
-On a side note, a decendant of the Time Lords would have supreme aptitude in math and science as evidenced by the family sitting and reading science books at the begining of the movie. Its no ones falt their stuck in the late 50’s early 60’s.
– Years later still the final component is completed and ready to be installed. They take it all for granted, even the Doctor. Flash, right into the Daleks early history before the final Time War (which was time locked), before the Daleks knew about the doctor or ever heard of Galefrey or the TARDIS. Just another bunch of pathetic gencidal xenophobes. Each others greatest enemy, neither knowing who was before them.
All it takes is a little imagination. Hell, if that radiation managed to kill them all, I bet the Doctor would have undergone the process of transformation right there.  



Another Hulu commenter explains the importance of this movie to the US television market: 

Season 1 Episode 2: The Daleks aka The Mutants aka The Dead Planet. This Dr. Who done by Hollywood is almost a carbon copy in dialog and scene order. Some bits here and there are off from the original, but for the most part the same exact script. Just wanted to let it be known that this version was made for the US by the US so that we could feel better about our selfs and introduce the Dr. to the States. Because at that time in 65 the US didn't broadcast much from other Countries. Dr. Who because of this US remake changed all that and opened the US viewers to International programs. So for those that didn't know why this episode was made or how pivotal this very film was to the US National broadcast market to International then here you go. Knowledge is power.


And to round off my post for today, BBC has a bunch of Doctor Who Classic video clips and extras:  

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