What WordPress plugin will play mp3s so an iPad can listen?

Photo by Geoffrey Bonnefoy

Question: What WordPress plugin will play sound files so an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or iTouch can listen?

Answer: Apple doesn’t support flash. Most blog music players need flash to work. So which plugins don’t need flash?

This is a question I had to solve for a recent blog post. I wanted to embed an mp3 for a podcast in my blog post. I ended up with WPaudio. It is pretty simple, and works quite well. My only complaint, is that there is no volume control. You have to use your computer volume control instead. Here is a sample:

Superman 02-12-1940 The Baby From Krypton
Superman 02-14-1940 Clark Kent Reporter

The other plugin that I did not try, but claims to work on the iPad is MP3-jPlayer. (Update: I gave this plugin a test, but found it too complicated for posting one audio file in a blog post.)

I found the Superman OTR recording from OldTimeRadioFans.com.

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