What happens to all your online files and identity when you die?

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Online free service Entrustnet can help. Here is what they have to say about it:

“Entrustet makes it easy to pass all of your info into the right hands.”

Probably without considering it, you have acquired and created numerous, significant digital assets, and traditional wills and trusts don’t sufficiently address, manage or protect them. Entrustet was founded specifically to help bridge that gap. Entrustet provides the tools and resources to create a free, secure list of your digital assets, nominate heirs, specify a Digital Executor and decide which assets to transfer or delete after you pass away.

So much of what used to be tangible is now digital. From family photos to letters, and diaries to magazines, memberships and home movies, much of our lives exist in digital form and in various places on the Internet or on computers. You probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of digital assets, and that number increases every day.

Digital assets like your family photos have significant sentimental value, so it is important to transfer them to the next generation. Digital assets like domain names and blogs can have significant economic value that you’d want to make sure your heirs are able to access.

Like everyone concerned about their privacy and identity protection, you probably use password-protected sites to control and manage your assets. After your death though, how will your executor or attorney know what assets you have, where they are, how to access them and what to do with them? Keeping a list on your computer or in your desk is not a secure or private way to protect digital assets. Listing those in your will is cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive, particularly when you need to update account information. Neither option assures that others outside your trusted circle can’t access your list.

Without an updated list of your digital assets and account information, your executor, attorney and loved ones will face an immense number of hurdles and anxiety trying to find, access and share or delete that information. What’s more, there may be items you don’t want others to see or know about. With Account Guardian and other services, Entrustet provides options and easy-to-use tools that can be updated anytime to track your digital assets and select what gets shared and what gets deleted.

As the digital world becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, it becomes even more important to record, manage and protect digital assets as part of your estate plan. Your digital world holds a considerable portion of the legacy you leave to friends, family members and the generations to follow, so don’t overlook the need to legally secure it. You are already in the 21st century; make sure your estate plan is too.

Entrustnet has also put together a large collection of how to information. They show us how to delete online accounts and more:

Digital Executor Toolbox

The Digital Executor Toolbox is the place where you can find information about how to delete digital assets and online accounts.Β  Each page below has step by step instructions on how to close accounts after a person passes away so that you can follow along.Β  We’ve created this resource to help Digital Executors through the process of following users’ wishes to delete accounts.

Facebook – How to Delete and Memorialize Facebook Profiles

Gmail – How to Delete and Transfer Gmail Accounts

Twitter – How to Access and Delete Twitter Accounts of Deceased Users

Windows Live & Hotmail – How to Access and Delete Hotmail Accounts

YouTube – How to Delete, Access and Transfer YouTube Accounts

MySpace – How to Access, Memorialize or Delete a Deceased Person’s MySpace Account

Yahoo! – How to Delete and Access a Deceased Person’s Yahoo! Account

eBay – How to Delete eBay, Seller, and eBay Store Accounts

AOL – How to Delete AOL Account

iTunes – How to Edit Billing Information, Disable, and Delete iTunes Account

LinkedIn – How to Delete LinkedIn Account

Amazon – How to Cancel Outstanding Orders and Delete Amazon Account

Go Daddy – How to Delete Go Daddy Account

eHarmony.com – How to Delete eHarmony.com Account

Match.com – How to Delete Match.com Account

Chemistry.com – How to Delete Chemistry.com Account

Plentoffish.com – How to Delete Plentryoffish.com Account

PayPal – How to Delete PayPal Account

Skype – How to Delete Skype Profile and Name

Netflix – How to Delete Netflix Account

Blogger – How to Delete Blogger Content

Picasa – How to Delete Picasa Account

Tumblr – How to Delete Tumblr Account

Ning – How to Deactivate Ning Account

Rhapsody.com – How to Delete Rhapsody Account

Pandora.com – How to Delete Pandora Account

PBase – How to Delete PBase Account

Typepad – How to Delete Typepad Account

Dropbox – How to Cancel Subscription and Delete Dropbox Account

WordPress and Craigslist – How to Delete Accounts

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