What are the official rules to Punch Buggy Truce?

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How is Punch Buggy Truce played?

Punch Buggy or Slug Bug is a driving game where the first person to spot a Volkswagen Beetle (or Bug), yells “Punch Buggy”, and then proceeds to punch the other person you are with. The hit is not supposed to be hard, but game play can get out of hand and escalate. This game is not always a game where everyone enjoys the play. For the “official” rules see Beetlemania.org.uk.

In my family, the game has evolved. We call our variation Punch Buggy Truce.

This game is a cooperative pursuit of Volkswagen Beetles, new or old. Even a dealer parking lot is fair game. When a Beetle is found, the discoverer says “Punch Buggy” and then the players bump fists. It is a light tap like a toast with wine glasses. And just like a toast, if there are more than two people, each pair of people can bump fists.

This variation has no need for timeouts. If a person is driving, and needs to keep both hands on the wheel, then the bump is delayed until the driver finds it safe to do so.

If more than one Beetle is seen at the same time, then there are multiple fist bumps. One for each Beetle. A dealers lot only counts for as many actual Beetles you are sure to have counted as you drive by. A fun method of fist bumping for multiple sightings, is to alternate which hand is used. If you have so many cars sighted, perhaps over ten, such as at a dealership, then instead of individual fist taps, you can hold the fists against each other and count off out loud. Since this is a cooperative game without score or losers, any reasonable suggestion made bv a player on how to handle unusual circumstances is encouraged.

In fact, such good feeling comes from this game, that when I see a Beetle when off by myself, I tell my wife about it later when I see her, and we bump fists as if we just saw the Beetle right there. They are saved up to share the fun. I don’t however worry about exact counts. I just try and estimate a count through my memory of the day.

As a tall guy, I like larger cars. My family has no plans or interest in buying a Volkswagen Beetle, so we don’t need rules to account for that. Feel free to invent a Truce worthy rule to handle this case if you own a Beetle.

There is a particularly ugly green paint. When we see a Beetle with that paint, we sometimes say “Punch Boogie” instead.

The final rule is you are allowed to change the rules if all players agree, and the new rules are within the spirit of Punch Buggy Truce. Let me know what rules you have invented. We might want to adopt them too.

Have fun!

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