Triple your money and save a child; How to fix the world #11

Do you know what polio is? It is a virus that can cause paralysis in up to 10% of those infected. It is contagious, transmitted through the fecal-oral route. In 1985, polio infected 387,000 people in one year. In 2009, Fewer than 1,700 infections were recorded world wide. But in 2001, there were only 483 cases. We are very close to ending polio, but as we get so close, the urgency fails us. A victim of the success. And with world travel so easy, the spread of the disease to your backyard is possible. The reinfection around the world is still a possibility. It is all the more difficult to eradicate polio since approximately 90% of those people infected have no symptoms.

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Spread the idea. Spread the meme. Ending polio is possible. Ending polio should be our goal. Tell your friends. Share on Facebook and Twitter and email.

Bill and Melinda Gates through their foundation will donate almost $2 for every $1 you donate. For $200 million in donations, they will donate $355 million.

Donate through the Rotary club.

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