Secret #3 to Facebook fan page design

When you switch and use Facebook as a fan page, you can like and comment on other fan pages. It is confusing at first, but you can’t like people, or join groups. There are even times that Facebook doesn’t seem to want to let you like actual fan pages. Refreshing my browser has helped in those few times.

Once you have liked more than five fan pages, they all can’t fit on your fan page sidebar at the same time. Randomly, five of them will display. However, you can select the list of pages you feel are the most important. Then Facebook will only feature the fan pages from your list.

Select the fan pages to feature:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Switch to use Facebook as page (the page we are designing)
  3. Click Edit Page
  4. Select Featured from the sidebar menu on the left
  5. Click Add Featured Likes
  6. Make your selection, and click Save

I wonder when popular fan pages might charge other fan pages for the featured likes spot. Is that against the Facebook TOS? It looks like that can be prime real estate. Let me know what your thoughts are?

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