Secret #1 to Facebook fan page design

You don’t have to squeeze your Facebook profile picture into a little box. You have more room than that! You don’t have to use all the space, but it is there for your use.

To claim maximum real estate, design your image so that it is 200 pixels (px) wide and 600px high. You can use that space to have calls to action and interesting design elements.

To add a new profile photo or graphic:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Switch to use Facebook as page (the page you want to update)
  3. Click the Edit Page button which is found near the top right corner of your fan page
  4. From the menu on the left, choose Profile Picture
  5. It’s all down hill from here. Just Browse to where your new profile image file is stored on your local computer
  6. You are done!

Ok, now that you know one way to make the change. Here is a shortcut:

  1. Starting after step #2 above, hover your mouse over your current profile pic. You will see a new button appear over your existing image called Change Picture.
  2. Click that button, and you can continue with step #5 above.

If you know of any Facebook tips and tricks, send them to me at I’ll be sharing more tips as time goes on.

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