Quickly. How can you tell which elevator button will take you to the exit?

Question: How do you tell which button gets you out of the building? While you’re at it, what do the other buttons mean?

Answer: If you’re lucky, there is a simple count, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. But unfortunately most elevators aren’t so simple. And, although there are some standards, they don’t all use them. Still, with a little sleuthing, a code begins to emerge.

  • First, the quick way out is the button with the star, or just “1” if there is no star. For the above picture, “star” – “L”
  • This elevator has a front and rear door. The buttons with “R” next to them are for the rear door.
  • There are open and close buttons for the front and rear doors.
  • The triangles pointing out mean open.
  • The triangles pointing in mean close.
  • The triangles with a vertical line between them refer to the front door. Without a line is the back door.

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