PRT NTS Twitter Tweeple ztwitt and cr8 mistweets and detweet. wtf. idk, b/c not always dweet. #explain u tweetaholic

To tweet or not to tweet: How companies are reining in social media
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Twitter is a social network where all communication takes place in 140 character bursts. People have lots to say, so they invent new words that say a lot in few letters. But if you want a head start at what some of the existing invented lingo means, then you can read

I wrote such a pithy title that I asked for it to be retweeted please, once I post it to twitter. It is a personal note that typing quickly leads to mistakes that you might want to delete. It is not always because the writer is drunk. I explain that you may be addicted to twitter if this describes you.

The # before explain is a hashtag. I invented this one, but it is commonly invented. You can see trends with hashtag usage using For hashtags that catch on, you can read a definition at Hashtags are used to mark a tweet as part of a larger discussion.

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