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Yesterday I wrote about Ghost Riding a bike. But not everyone knows how to ride a bike even the normal way.

There are lots of methods for learning to ride a bike. There are training wheels. Using a sheet to hold the rider. There is a gyro bike and a balancing bike. The videos I have collected will show those methods. However, there is an easier way that works for beginners of all ages.

A big factor in learning to ride a bike is fear. The most important skill in riding a bike is balance. This method eliminates the fear and builds the balance skill. The first few videos teach this method, but let me outline them for you.

  1. You need to remove any training wheels. In fact, you may never need them.
  2. Next you need to remove the pedals. The second video will show you how.
  3. Third you need to lower the seat so the rider can place their feet flat on the ground.
  4. It is best to learn on a bike with hand breaks. Review how to break on your bike.
  5. On a flat paved surface, the new rider should practice pushing the bike forward while sitting on the seat.
  6. The new rider should practice balancing, while pushing faster and faster as they gain skill.
  7. As the skill increases, the rider should try and hold their feet up off the ground and glide and steer.
  8. Eventually the new rider will have confidence at the speed they can master pushing with their feet, and will demand the pedals back.
  9. With the pedals back on, the rider can continue pushing with their feet to start, but advance to the pedaling when they feel ready.
  10. Raise the seat to a proper height. Continue practicing.
  11. There is now one new bike rider. You are done! Go have fun.

The pace of learning can be suprisingly fast. But don’t rush it. Let the rider continue without the pedals for as long as they wish.

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