How to translate any webpage with one click

You may already be aware of Google Translate. It is not too hard to use. You paste the web address of the page you want translated into the input box at I wrote two blog posts about Google translate tools in the past. One was about adding a translation tool to your blog or webpage, which I have near the top of my right sidebar on The other was about getting translated closed captioning on Google’s YouTube videos.

But as great as Google Translate is, it requires that little extra effort or advanced planning which only helps for pages you control, so it doesn’t get used as often as it could. With the help of another Javascript bookmarklet, you can create one click translation for any web page you are currently viewing.

I just recently used it for a Taiwan based webpage that already had an English and Chinese version of the article. I hoped that by translating the Chinese I could get some insight into the all too brief construction explanation for a fly trap

Note: When I figure this out, I will make a blog post about it. If it is already clear to you, give me a hand, and let me know. Where and how big are the holes in the bottle? As big as the net is, is the trap full when dead flies pile up to the level of the top of the bottle? From what I do understand, I wonder if some improvements can be made.

But returning to the topic of today’s blog post, it is easy to add the one click button to your browser. For true one click, you want to take up some screen real estate and show your bookmarks bar. Then add a bookmark from the translate bookmarklets Google page of your chosen output language to your bookmarks bar folder. For me that was done by right clicking on English and saving my bookmark or favorite to the right folder.

The Google Chrome browser can make this even easier. Translation is a built in feature of the browser. But I have found cases where there was not enough foreign language text on a page for the automatic recognition to trigger. The bookmarklet gives you total control of when to translate.

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