How to share your thoughts on any web page

Browsing the web is mostly a solitary experience. Google provides different search results to each searcher. Facebook presents each visitor with a unique view.

So when you see something truely remarkable, you want to share just what you see. Now, of course, you can take a screenshot, but there is something better!

Let me show you. I have seen a page that will make a lot of people scream, but for different reasons.

This is another bookmarklet. It is called Markup. It uses a service created by It lets you draw on any webpage, share your markup with anyone, and then let’s the next person edit where you left off. Go to their page to install.

Markup isn’t perfect. I have encountered some bugs while using it. But I’ll submit what I can to their support email and see if things improve. One bug you may encounter, is when responding to my shared markup page, you may lose all the underlying webpage. I suspect it may have something to do with where I found that page.

For the curious, the way I found that interesting Google news page was I used the secrets I explained in an earlier blog post.

Is Sarah Palin logicblind? Did I see that she won the election for President of the United States in 2012 in a FlashForward?

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