How to save a life; How to fix the world #9

The combination of CPR and an AED can mean the difference between life and death. Learn CPR. Watching the videos below is better than nothing, but be a superhero and sign up for a class on CPR. But also a benefit of living in this modern world is the invention of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). You can buy one through Amazon for about $1270. If you are in a position to purchase one, or are part of an organization that has more than a few people under its roof, then by all means get one. Watch the videos and see just how easy they are to use. Many times CPR alone is not enough. An AED can save lives, prevent heart and brain damage. It is like buying a super power.

I have included some CPR videos that haven’t been updated since the American Heart Association changed its guidelines. CPR is for a victim of cardiac arrest that has collapsed and does not respond and is not breathing. Chest compressions are now considered the most important part of CPR. The new rules are CAB. Compression, Airway, Breathing. Here are the steps for someone without any training; but take a class, I am not a trained CPR instructor:

  1. Call or direct someone to call 911
  2. Tell someone to get an AED
  3. Make sure you and the injured person are not in a dangerous location
  4. On an adult, perform chest compression presses about 1.5″ to 2″ in depth at the center of the chest.
  5. Make sure to allow the chest to expand completely after each press
  6. Compressions should be 100 times per minute. Same as the beat to the song Staying Alive.
  7. People trained in CPR will for every 30 presses on an adult, tilt the head back to increase airflow to the lungs, and breath two breaths into the mouth with the nose pinched shut. They watch to see the chest expand.
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