How to make sure you don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame

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Question: How do I promote my website, blog, or myself?

Answer: Interact with the audience you already have. Whatever your strategy of spreading the word about your website, a symptom of success is someone is going to mention it online. If you create a Google Alert on your domain name or blog name, you can be notified instantly when google notices something new about you on the web. Go join the conversation, and add something of value.

To create a google alert:

  1. go to
  2. I’ll use this blog and URL in my example. Just substitute your blog name and URL to make this work for you.
  3. Once at Google alerts, enter “HowTutorial OR” as the search terms. The “OR” catches either type of mention.
  4. Use the “Preview results” link to make sure you have done the search terms correctly.
  5. Leave “Type” as Everything.
  6. Change “How often” to “as-it-happens”. You will get the most benefit from this excerise if you engage your audience while they are there and paying attention.
  7. Leave “Volume” as “All results” if you can. You can always change this later.
  8. Choose the “Deliver to” address that gets right to you. If you can read this email on your phone, all the better.
  9. Click Create Alert.

Of course you aren’t going to catch every mention, and instantly interact. You have a life. But you now have the opportunity to, and when it works, it works well.

Also, you might consider creating alerts for other things of interest to you. Search for your name, and news topics that are relavent to your blog.

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