How to look up a US Patent for free

Patent number: 3926144

If you search google for a patent number like “patent 3926144”, you will be given search results linking to:

  1. (they want to sell you pdfs)
  2. (pdfs are framed)
  3. (a good site, but the Australian version? why?)
  4. (sells pdfs)
  5. (you have to register to download pdfs)
  6. (everything is in Arabic. I don’t see patent info)
  7. (a good site, but for Chile. And the listed patent references but doesn’t directly tell us about the patent I am searching for)
  8. There is no 8. There are only 10 results! And 3 I didn’t list, since the domains are already listed in 1 through 7.

Why is the best US site not even in the list? I am searching Shouldn’t Google tell us that is the best free patent site? The site is amazing compared to the others. The Australian and Chile versions are good, but Google knows I am searching from the US. Why is Google so shy?

Go to for the best free US patent search. pdfs are free and easy to download. No registration needed.

You can also see patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However the patents are all tiff images. You would have to convert these images to pdf yourself. Tiff image format is not handled by as many programs as the more common gif and jpg formats. But tiff is lossless and does the job, so the government is satisfied to let private industry provide the conveniences. And Google has done that for free.

Patent 3926144 is a real product

3926144 Tilt or Inversion Indicator

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