How to help yourself; How to fix the world #10

Give yourself a boost.

Sometimes the world just doesn’t see your value. Maybe you were turned down, or disappointed by something, or your out of work. Maintaining your spirit without a deep well of confidence can be tough.

But some of that perception is because you are asking for something. That is putting your frame of mind in the hand of others. More so, in a way most likely to result in disappointment. Having value, and selling value aren’t the same thing.

But you can turn this situation on its head. Other people are asking for things, and you are in the position to say “yes”. Not only do you have something of value, but you are in the position to be generous and provide it. You are not asking for something, you are giving it. Say yes.

When you help someone, and it is appreciated, that is a real boost to you and them. It is a kind of alchemy. You are creating good will out of straw. I still remember the good feeling I get from being charitable. It doesn’t have to be big either. Every small gesture adds up.

You don’t have to say yes to everyone, although if you never say yes, a day of only saying yes may be the medicine you need. Your world won’t fall apart. You won’t be taken advantage of, but even if once you are, you will be better for it. You will know your good will and your strength.

I want to be careful, because I do know some people that have trouble saying “no”. There is a Yin and a Yang. You need both. If you never say no, you aren’t being kind to yourself. You have to take care of yourself to be in the position to help others. And there is no requirement to help others. Do it because it can be good for you, not because it has been demanded of you. And there are cases where blindly saying yes can be enabling of negative results for others. Say yes your way.

Online, there are many ways to be charitable. To volunteer. In researching this topic, I found Free Rice, where by answering a string of vocabulary questions, I gave some hungry person 2030 grains of rice. Not sure how big a bowl that is, but I would guess that it is at least a meal. It is easy, but kind of indirect.

A favorite of mine is Sparked. It is a micro-volunteering site. Nonprofit organizations can ask for help. You can browse through the requests, and find ones you can help with. Some need special skills, but others just need your attention and thought. If you are learning a new skill, this may be a good place to exercise what you have learned. Even a partial answer can be helpful. It is a community effort, and what you contribute may help the next person to be helpful. My blog is about answering questions, building skills, and learning about the world. So Sparked is right up my alley.

My research has found some other sites, but I don’t have personal experience with them. If you have, then please comment. Also, if you have your own suggestions, please comment, or email me at Here are some sites to explore:

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