How to get the freshest bread

The secret code to when store sold bread was baked has been traveling the internet for years. Snopes wrote about it in 2001. They referenced some printed articles as far back as 1994 and proclaimed the secret code is real. However, they pointed out the code is different for different bakers. And you should call the baker for the brand you buy to learn the relevant code for you.

Wisebread wrote about the code again this February. And the blogs published their pretty infographic far and wide. But the infographic only included one bakers color code. A visitor to Wisebread from the blog Lifehacker commented that based on his 24 years of industry experience, the offered code only works for Wonder Bread. He then told us the code for Mrs. Bairds. And Sara Lee has a code too, but he doesn’t mention it. So using all this as a guide, I created my new and improved infographic above.

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