How to fix the world #3

If you were absolutely certain that a donation of $10 could change a person’s life, a family’s life. If it could provide them with fresh water through a share in a new well. Would you donate? Most charities dilute your gift with all the other contributions. It might be helpful, but your contribution is just a drop in the bucket. There is another way that can give you the direct satisfaction of knowing you did good:

The model is simple–a donor logs onto the SeeYourImpact website, chooses what type of gift to send–be it a water pump, malaria bed net, wheelchair, or bicycle–and within two weeks the donor receives a brief writeup and photograph capturing the moment the recipient received the gift. And it’s the simplicity, the reward, and the cost–gifts on average range from $10 to $30–that is helping word spread about the non-profit.

Fast Company: When Do-Gooders Go Viral

100% of your donation goes to the person in need. SeeYourImpact will ask for a 15% overhead charge, but that is completely voluntary, and you can change the amount to what you feel is suitable. Read the article about it at Fast Company, and you will see the brilliance of a real story increasing the value to the giver. And if you feel like making an impact, visit and look around.

Apolo Ohno talks about SeeYourImpact on CNN:

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