How to empty an egg with a crazy straw

So you can hard boil eggs for Easter egg decorating. But if you create a particularly beautiful egg, isn’t it a shame to have to destroy the artwork at some point? Hard boiled eggs keep only for so long.

The pysansky eggs are too beautiful to use the temporary canvas of a hardboiled egg. That is why the pysansky decorating tutorials show us how to empty the egg first. But they have a special tool that I don’t have.

So I improvised with a crazy straw. And it worked great.

Here is what I did:

I cut the Crazy Straw so it ended up instead of down

I tapped at the fat end of the egg with the point of the scissors to start a hole. I then twisted gently and slowly with both points of the scissors to enlarge the hole. Keep going until the hole is bigger than the end of the Crazy Straw. Let the egg shell crumbs fall onto a napkin.

Over a clean bowl push the cut end of the Crazy Straw into the hole in the egg. Keep the hole pointed down into the bowl. Now blow into the straw and drive the egg out into the bowl.

Pulling the straw out of the hole periodically will help to get all of the egg out. Then at the sink, run water into the egg. Again with the straw, empty the water from the egg.

Patience when piercing the egg will create a nice strong shell. My first attempt was a little bit tight around the straw, and I cracked the shell a bit. My second attempt was a complete success.

I haven’t yet sealed the hole. Letting it dry first was suggested in the videos. An oven at 150 degrees fahrenheit can excelerate the drying. To seal the hole, use some melted wax. Keep in mind that the pysansky method includes heating the egg to remove the covering wax. This will also remove the plug for the hole. So you will have to create a plug again as a last step.

Since the egg shell didn’t get mixed with the egg, enjoy an omelet or cookies.

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