How to edit any webpage on the web

When you view a webpage on the internet, you are using a browser. That browser is running on your computer, and it is fetching information and presenting it to you in a nice way. But the software is running on your machine, so that means you have the ultimate say (technically anyway) on what it actually says. If it is told to say “no”, and you know how, you can have your browser say “yes” instead.

This can be useful for deleting unneeded info before printing, for drafting potential changes you would like to see, or any other temporary reason that might come up. But again, this is temporary. Your changes do not get saved on the server. You are only changing what is on your computer and what you see this time. Next time you visit the page, you will have to make the same edits if you need to see them again.

I suggest you bookmark this “how to” because it might be a fun ingredient to your next April fools day prank. “Why yes, I did become director of the FBI. Here is the article in the New York Times!”

How do you do it? Drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar: Edit page

Now whenever you want to edit a page, while viewing it, click your new bookmark. Now highlight any text you want to change and start typing. You can place your cursor in any text and start adding verbiage.

Now I said you can edit any page, but that might be over stating it. Java, graphic images, and Flash can’t be edited this way. And there are likely other reasons some pages won’t edit. Also, your choice in browser can make or break success with this. It does work in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Most, not all, pages can be edited with this.

The bookmark you have added is called a bookmarklet. That is a bookmark which is a javascript program. Bookmarklets can be quite useful. I’ll tell you about some more in the future.

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