How to create a better search engine than Google

Google is the leader in search. But are they the best possible search? Can you imagine a better search engine? I can.

Matt Gemmell at his site, wrote a provocatively titled blog post called SEO for Non-dicks. He argues that the only SEO you need is to

“create original, relevant content repeatedly.”

He does give some other simple tips like use descriptive URLS. And he, and I, don’t like the polluted web that black and grey hat SEO has created. But ultimately, it is Google’s fault. Google rewards this behavior.

There are many comments explaining why grey or black hat is necessary in the real world that Gooogle creates. Ethics aside, the result is a web and search that isn’t ideal for the browsing public. It is a problem that Google would like to fix, because if it doesn’t … someone else will. And they could be the replacement for Google. Of course if they are small, Google or someone big will buy them. But if Bing does it, Google is not buying Microsoft.

So how do you create such a search engine? I think the discussion in the comments on Matts blog, that went off on a tangent about socialism vs. free market, points us toward the solution. grhom points out (rightly so I believe)

“On the other hand, capitalism assumes people are greedy and turns this greed of theirs into the strongest point of the system.”

We need to invent a search engine that knows black hat seo exists, and uses that tendency to drive the results of our new search. What if, you got lasting seo juice for pointing out the bad actors? Punish the bad actors with severe seo penalties and treat unjust finger pointing as another bad seo action. The ethical are rewarded for their virtue, and the rewards power the vigilance into the future.

How do you know when someone is unjustly accused? You have your own small army of inspectors employed to make judgments. The ethical SEO army is vastly larger and multiplies the effectiveness of the employees a thousand fold.

Google take note. This is what you need to do first before someone else beats you to it. Google, you think you already do this, but the results prove you don’t.

Other white hat SEO advice

If you go black hat, you may win for a while, but someday your house of cards may fall.

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