How many blog posts in a row are too many?

My grandfather

Question: Where have I been?

Answer: 148 blog posts in a row are too many.

When I started this blog, I made an effort to write a new blog post every day, seven days a week. It quickly became apparent that this was a tough schedule to maintain. I began to cheat by skipping a day. But then back dating my next post so it looks like I didn’t miss a day. Some days I would write multiple posts to catch up again. Under this new schedule, I was able to maintain 148 blog posts in a row.

I am quite proud of that. But life happens, and I had put special significance on my Saturday posts, which made them harder to write. I broke my chain on a Saturday. That was when I gave myself permission to take a vacation.

I don’t want to just write about How To’s, I want to Do. And writing was getting in the way of doing.

So for the next stage in my blog development, I am going to experiment with a less confined editorial policy. Some posts will simply be links and sh0ut outs to interesting doings I find. Other posts will be embedded videos I find and want to share. I won’t always introduce them, they will just be shared. In fact, I have done a bit of this on my HowTutorial facebook page. In my sidebar, you can see some of my links and videos from facebook. My posts won’t be daily, but as I write them. Sometimes that means a break, and other times I might even put more than one in a day.

And as  a result of my DOING things, I hope to write some more step by step, getting started, how to, teaching moment, explanatory blog posts.

also I may have more sentence fragments

and photos that don’t go with my blog topic, but I like them and I want to share.

and unfinished thoughts

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