How do you know when a movie is coming out on DVD?

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I am a Netflix user. I watch movies on DVD and by online streaming. Not every movie makes it to online streaming. And when popular movies are newly released to DVD, Netflix won’t have enough copies for everyone to rent it at the same time. You have to wait your turn.

But if you have a heads up, and have added the movie to the top of your queue before most everyone else, then you are likely to be one of the first to get access to the DVD. That just leaves how do you get that warning of upcoming DVD movie releases?

Video ETA is the answer. This website is the comprehensive public database of video releases. It also lists upcoming releases to the theaters. You can see the info up to many months into the future. Some dates are preliminary, and when the studios change the release dates, Video ETA updates their calendar.

Here is a live updated list of what’s released this week: (click the graphic to go to Video ETA)

VideoETA New DVD Releases

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