How do you keep watch that your website is up and serving pages?

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I must admit, my website does not have the uptime I would be happy with. Sometimes my hosting provider has a problem, and when you try and visit my website, you get site not found errors. But how can I know just how often this problem occurs? You have to sleep.

There are free uptime checking services. I have used two of them, and Wasitup is by far the simplest to setup and use.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the website address or URL you wish to monitor
  3. Type your email address
  4. Click “Start monitoring my site”
  5. That’s it

Pretty simple right? If your site goes down, you will get an email.

If you want to be text messaged when your website has trouble, then can do that. Also you can provide an email to sms email address for your cell phone, and now wasitup can also message you when there is trouble.

Free monitoring services do have limits. wasitup will check only up to 10 websites per account. Although you can probably create more accounts with more email addresses. Wasitup and will poll the availability of each site once every 5 minutes. If you want to check more often, you will need to use a pay service. is a bit more complicated, and comprehensive. It doesn’t have the 10 site limit for the free account. And it has a pay service that will poll once every minute.

Now you get the 24 x 7 picture on your site availability. The first step to fixing a problem, is knowing you have one.

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