How come more people have allergies, and what can be done?

There are lots of possible reasons for this increase. Here are my pet theories:

  1. Increase in delivery by C-section: 1) Babies born late preterm may not have fully developed 2) Babies missing out on beneficial vaginal bacteria
  2. Being too clean with antibacterial soaps and excessive hygiene may promote allergies
  3. Smaller families means less exposure to germs from older siblings
  4. Dust mites survive winter because of modern homes
  5. Yet detergents that allow warm/cold water washing don’t kill dust mites
  6. Better sealed/insulated homes with wall to wall carpets promotes mites, mold and other allergens
  7. Reduction in breastfeeding is a factor in allergies
  8. Overuse of antibiotics can increase allergies
  9. Vitamin D deficiency
  10. Iodine deficiency may be a factor in asthma


  1. Get a dog
  2. Move out of cities
  3. Avoid smog and road pollution
  4. Expose yourself to parasites
  5. Take probiotics
  6. Take vitamin D
  7. Take iodine supplements like Iodoral
  8. Breastfeed newborns for at least four months
  9. Work on a farm

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