How can I quickly listen to sound masking but pleasant white noise?

White noise can aid concentration. It can help you meditate. It can aid sleep. White noise can mask the sounds out in the world which are intruding on your thoughts.

You can buy white noise generator appliances. There are mp3’s you can purchase, and cd’s too. But to quickly get white noise right now while you need it, and for free, here are three options:

  1. Browse over to the website There is no reason to click on any links. There ARE lots of links, but every one of them is an ad, or a way of spreading the news about RainyMood. There are no controls, and no options. Change the volume with your speaker volume controls. When you want to turn the sound off, use your computer’s mute control, or leave that website. You get to hear the sounds of a rain storm for free, and for any length of time.
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  2. Install the free iOS app White Noise Lite onto your iPhone or iPad. This free app includes a selection of ten ambient sounds. For a larger selection, you will need to upgrade to the paid app White Noise.
  3. Watch this youtube video:
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