How can I play two youtube videos side by side?

Pixar animator and YouTube star Nick Pitera created an amazing video where he sings all the parts to a bunch of Disney animated movies. YouTube user Skissored did the leg work to find all the movie clips that Nick was singing. She then created a video where the Nick vocals are almost a perfect replacement for the original. This new video, as cool as it is, doesn’t show us Nick singing however, we just hear him. So how can I play both videos side by side and get the best of both videos?

The YouTube Doubler is the answer. I used it to play both videos, and it does a pretty good job. But the sound from both videos doesn’t line up perfectly. I think this is a result of the time it takes my browser to load the second video when the first is already starting. You can tell YouTube Doubler to start at a delayed point, but the time difference I am getting is less than a second. What I found was best, is to mute the sound from the animated video.

YouTube Doubler lets you embed the videos in y0ur blog, but it doesn’t provide the nice user interface and auto-play. Click the link below the videos to go to the YouTube Doubler site and get the best result.

Click Here for best presentation of YouTube Doubler

I think YouTube Doubler could be used to pair videos with different sound tracks to interesting effect. If you find two different covers of a song, you can turn them into a duet. If you do that, send me the link at or paste it as a comment below.

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